Thursday, October 2, 2014

summer off, autumn on

so, i pseudo abandoned this blog for the summer (just kidding, it was way more than summer).  but really, honestly, i had a shit ton of shit going on then.  let me summarize.

you may recall that my dear grandpa (Papa) was having some health issues.  i wrote a little something about it all back then, find it HERE.  well, that battle is over, he passed away in late May.  i think we're all starting to feel ok about it.

my RN job continues to be stressful but, i'm getting the hang of it.  i almost feel like a seasoned veteran, kind of, sort of, not really.

the boyfriend and i made the leap!  no, not that leap.  we have our own little apartment together.  no murders have occurred so i would call it a far.
we also have our little kitty friend, Shelly, living with us.  you may begin mentally preparing yourself for cat pictures everywhere!

the boyfriend's brother got married! yay for Devin and Sarah.

our close friends, B and Kes, got engaged a few months ago.  well done!

my brother has a new lady friend who is lovely.  we all approve.

i made buffalo chicken wings for dinner tonight.  pat on the back for me.

and that's all i can recall from the last few months.  i'll probably think of more things later but i'm only half paying attention to what i'm writing.  the packers are playing and currently kicking ass!

go pack, go!

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