about OKarleigh

welcome to O Karleigh!

i'm Karleigh! hello, nice to meet you.

let me tell you a bit about myself, let's get acquainted.

i'm 22 years old, i work and live in southeastern Wisconsin in a little town called Burlington.  Wisconsin is really a magical holy land, plan a visit in your lifetime.  we have ample amounts of beer, cheese, beer, bratwurst and beer to share.

i work at our local hospital as a registered nurse on the graveyard shift. i suppose i shouldn't use graveyard and hospital in the same sentence.  bad for business.

my dear boyfriend and i recently made the leap and moved in together along with our kitty, Shelly.  you will probably get frustrated by the amount of Shelly pictures i will shove in your eyes.  she's just so adorable.

the boyfriend and i have been together for many a year (almost 7).  we met many moons ago in a science class during my sophomore year of high school.  it's been bliss ever since.

in my spare time i like to blog (obviously), knit, sip coffee & tea, cuddle kittens, read, wear red lipstick, bake and generally be lazy.

in my hopes and dreams, i want this blog to serve as a place for me to share my thoughts, ramblings, inspiration, life events, recipes, arts and crafts and everything else.  ya know, the general hodge podge that makes up my life.

so welcome!  you may stay and follow me on this journey or you can leave now.  whatever works for you.

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