Sunday, October 12, 2014


yes, i am alive!  this sickness has kicked my booty and in the midst of it we saw the amazing santana in milwaukee.  we first made a stop at mo's irish pub for beers and those delicious rueben shalaylees.  

we ventured over to the riverside theater with our full bellies to take in the tunes of santana.  apparently he's like 68 years old!  his music has a really great spanish flare which makes all the senior citizens salsa dance.  and by salsa dance, i mean do a little jig and the most awkward way possible.  it was a damn good time.  my father, the dancing queen, was all over it.

happy sunday, if you need me i'll be camped on the couch with the kitty and pizza.
also i've been pinning like a crazy person.  you can find my pinterest HERE.

over and out.

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