Sunday, October 19, 2014

1 piano + 1 cello

apparently this blaawwg is now exclusively doing concert reviews? sure seems like it. 
i'm just kidding guys! we're on a serious concert kick at the moment so expect a few more posts before we go back to my normal, unscheduled ramblings. 

we once again, as always, headed to the riverside theater in milwaukee, this time to see...the piano guys!  their name is a little misleading, it's actually one piano dude and one cello dude, rocking it! they mostly do instrumental covers of popular songs that are pimped out.  
here is an example!

super awesome right?  you can't beat a flying piano, you just can't! they also did a combo song of tay-tay swift and coldplay that was very dreamy. 

here's a selfie of the whole gang. it was a good night.  lots of laughs and too many beers. the usual.

i'm not sure how much they are touring and i had never heard of them until my motha got us tickets.  keep your eyes open if you're interested otherwise, check out their youtube page.

happy sunday!

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