Tuesday, November 11, 2014

the sweet stylings of James Taylor

hi everyone!  how was your weekend?  I went bowling which is always super fun especially when you win!  sorry Mom and Dad but your bowling skills are lacking.  someone had to tell you.  and how about them Packers eh?  

as you can guess by the title, we are gathered here today to talk about James Taylor.  and judging by the photos you can assume that I saw him in concert.   you are correct and correct!  I am becoming very predictable.  my dear mother and I went to Milwaukee for said concert but before we feasted!  we went to Morel, a newer restaurant in Walker's Point.  we chose Morel because we have known the sous chef since he was 16 years old.  he is essentially an adopted child  except we went there on his one and only night off.  bad timing and poor planning all around.  anyway, it is an excellent joint with a farm-to-table mentality.  their menu is delicious with many many things I have never heard of.  you can find their menu HERE. for dessert we had chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and walnut and bacon brittle.  you read that right, walnut and BACON brittle.  ten thumbs up.  we are planning a return trip in December with the rest of the clan, I am so excited!  

after stuffing our faces, it was back to the Bradley Center for James Taylor.  he is a very cool, very funny dude.  here is a song you will recognize:

that mustache, those bellbottoms. 

he has one of those memorable, soothing voices that can just put you to sleep but in a good way.  you catching my drift?  he is also one of those unknown yet popular kind of artists where you'll hear a song and be like "no shit, this is James Taylor?"  then you immediately download every song he's ever made.  I would know, it happened to me.  my mom sort of sprung this concert on me so I didn't have proper time to study before showtime.

the crowd at this show was really...weird?  lots of old people.  lots of canes and walkers blocking the aisle.  lots of old people fighting because this person was talking and that person was singing too loud.  these two women in front of us struck up a friendly conversation rehashing their recent medical problems.  woman #1 recently had an aneurysm repair and two strokes while woman #2 recently beat breast cancer.  that is all they talked about.  I do not want to get old.

also I would like to point out a new trend I'm seeing.  us Wisconsin folk are very loyal to our sports teams: Packers, Brewers, Badgers etc.  we apparently want to force our favorite musicians to love our sports teams too.  poor James was peer pressured in to putting on this Brewers jersey.  a few weeks ago at Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder had a Packer's jersey thrown at him.  Eddie is from Chicago and is a genuine Bear's fan (unfortunately) but the crowd was adamant that he put on that Packer's jersey.  we are a loyal, forceful people.  

happy Tuesday, see you soon.

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