Monday, January 27, 2014

tv round-up

i have a quick question…

all those ladies on american horror story: coven wear all black, all day, every day.

how do they not end up with those awful white deodorant marks?  is the show sponsored by dove or something?

and i really hope kevin bacon gets with that nice art dealer lady on the following.  she seems nice which means she'll probably die in the next few episodes.  also, those twins that are setting up the dead bodies really freak me out.  last but not least, emma's hair is fantastic.

and that concludes this waste of a post.  i have a viscous cold and it's viscously cold outside.  my brain is mush this week.

here's another picture of my cat.  
happy monday.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

war horse

hiya everybody!  how are you?  it's been ten years since i've seen you.  i've been struggling with this night shift, trying to sleep and be a normal human at the same time thing.  BUT! i am back in the saddle ladies and gents!  do not fear, i am here.
i just wanted to tell you a bit about the other weekend.  my mother, aunt, grandma and myself all trekked up to milwaukee to see war horse!  war horse is a book by michael morpurgo turned movie in 2012 turned play/theater production.  we saw the play version which is totally fantastic.  the horses that are used in the play are puppets run by three people.  it is so crazy how life-like the movements were!  we were all impressed.  
if you're planning on attending, bring tissues, especially if you're an animal person like my aunt is.  she was crying her little eyes out the entire intermission.  it still makes me giggle thinking about all those tissues in her lap, crying over puppet horses.  sadly, the production was only in milwaukee for one weekend, mad props to my mother for getting tickets.  she is the queen of ticketmaster.  the show is traveling around the country so keep an eye out, they may be coming near you!

bonus picture of my cat.

stay warm out there.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


last week thursday my mother and i ventured to milwaukee to see our good friend pink in concert.  dayyyyumn she is the bomb.  i wasn't a huge fan of pink, i mean her songs are catchy and i like her hair but, that was as far as our relationship went. now, i think you're long lost besties. 

girl can sing, dance and fly around the arena on tiny strings.  two thumbs up to her.  well done.

also, the opening band, new politics, was really…interesting?  they play punk/alternative music, the lead singer break dances, and they're from denmark.  who woulda thought that was a winning combination?  not i.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

the abbey

i know that season four of downton abbey only just aired the other weekend but i am a typical american with no patience.  soooo….

i've been marathoning all of season four this past week, i have finished it, and here is my reaction.

tom branson…swoooon

lady edith's hair...double swooooon

all those drop waist gowns...triple swoooooooooooooooooon

lady mary making scrambled eggs...quadruple swoooon

daisy and her serious sassy pants...more swooooon

Can i give carson a big hug?  that man is amazing and so cuddly.
can i have season five now?

Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 - closed.

hi world!  how the heck are ya?!  have you noticed that 2013 is over?  i have.  boy, was 2013 a bit of a bitch, thank gosh she left.  she really over stayed her welcome.  although, now that i think of it, she wasn't all bad but still pretty sucky.

how did you ring in 2014?  i was supposed to put on a fabulous party dress and go to a fabulous party in fabulous Milwaukee but then it fabulously snowed like a mother.  instead, i went to a less than fabulous party in a friend's basement with lots of girls crying over stupid boys and underage drinking.  at least i got a kiss at midnight, the little things. 

i did eventually make it to fabulous Milwaukee to see my dear friend Elaine.  we took in the sights and pepsi-cola of the Milwaukee Art Museum.  gawd that place is so amazing.  we saw the Thomas Sully exhibit which was lovely.  the dude rocked at portraits and boy do i have a soft spot for portraits.  i want to fill my non-existend house with them. especially his.

in a perfect world i will get married right where those girls are standing.  all that marble, all that light…it's just like a dream.

stay warm folks, it's a toasty -12 degrees here in Alaska…i mean Wisconsin.  same thing right?

and how about dem packers eh?  

i'm going to shut up now.