Thursday, January 23, 2014

war horse

hiya everybody!  how are you?  it's been ten years since i've seen you.  i've been struggling with this night shift, trying to sleep and be a normal human at the same time thing.  BUT! i am back in the saddle ladies and gents!  do not fear, i am here.
i just wanted to tell you a bit about the other weekend.  my mother, aunt, grandma and myself all trekked up to milwaukee to see war horse!  war horse is a book by michael morpurgo turned movie in 2012 turned play/theater production.  we saw the play version which is totally fantastic.  the horses that are used in the play are puppets run by three people.  it is so crazy how life-like the movements were!  we were all impressed.  
if you're planning on attending, bring tissues, especially if you're an animal person like my aunt is.  she was crying her little eyes out the entire intermission.  it still makes me giggle thinking about all those tissues in her lap, crying over puppet horses.  sadly, the production was only in milwaukee for one weekend, mad props to my mother for getting tickets.  she is the queen of ticketmaster.  the show is traveling around the country so keep an eye out, they may be coming near you!

bonus picture of my cat.

stay warm out there.

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