Sunday, December 15, 2013

you can't always get what you want

this saturday night we bundled up and headed to milwaukee for a night on the town.  we had dinner at Blue Jacket where a good family friend is currently working as sous chef.  it was expensive but so delicious.  they have an amazing drink list, i personally recommend a "dark & stormy" but only have one if you're a lightweight like me.  all of their dinner dishes have interesting flavor combos, i had escolar cheeks with rice and pickled cucumber.  
here's a question:  isn't a pickled cucumber just a pickle?
also, google escolar fish, it's freaky looking with it's big googly eyes.  those cheeks are damn good though.

after dinner we rolled our bellies to the riverside theater to watch the milwaukee symphony orchestra play a tribute to the rolling stones.  as usual, it was fantastic! in the past we've seen MSO do tributes to queen and led zeppelin.  if you're on the fence about going, there is always a singer so you're not listening to strictly instrumental versions.  plus!  the riverside as $3 pabst tall boys.  can't beat that.

over and out.

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