Saturday, November 1, 2014

a lesson in quiet time

a few nights ago, I awoke at the ripe time of 2:03 AM.  great, another night of interrupted sleep.  I lay there, listening to the boyfriend sleep soundly.  curse him and his slumber!  the next time I look at the clock it's 3:00 AM.  I roll out of bed and wander around the house.  obviously laying in bed isn't going to help this sad situation.

finally, I land on the couch. little Shelly wanders over to cuddle.  we sit together, watching out the window down on to the empty street.  the tv stays off, we sit in the dark and silence watching the world.

all of a sudden, a little rabbit family came hopping down the sidewalk. it was as if they knew not to walk in the road.  a little group of three, hopping along to the corner.  they stop, look both ways and continue hopping across the road.  I look at Shelly and she confirms, she saw it too.  a little bunny family on a midnight stroll.

that is the moment that I realized the magic of sitting, being quiet and just observing the world.  it's amazing the things you miss when you're also occupied either in mind, body or both.

take a moment today to sit in silence with just you're thoughts and watch.  you might only see cars zooming by or leaves floating in the wind.  or, you might just see something unexpected.

keep your eyes open for a new delicious recipe in the next few days.

also, I just realized it's November.  when the hell did that happen?

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