Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pearl Jam

last week a downsized group of the Olson clan wandered to, you guessed it, Milwaukee for, you guessed right again, a concert.  this time it was Pearl Jam! it seems that most of Wisconsin was in town for this show, downtown was super packed.  we walked through five bars before deciding to hop across the river in search of smaller crowds, margaritas and enchiladas.  we stumbled into Rudy's Mexican Restaurant.  those poor folks were obviously not expecting crazy crowds on a Monday.  bless their hearts. 

after we stuffed our faces with margaritas, we hopped over to the Bradley Center for the big show.  when I say big show, I mean HUGE!  as you can see below, there were people everywhere.

the show was excellent, they played for three hours.  THREE hours.  at 11:00 pm the Bradley center flipped on the big, house lights to signal the show was over...just kidding. Pearl Jam played for another half hour.  Eddie just doesn't know when to quit.  seriously, he doesn't, by rough estimate we believe he drank four to five bottles of wine throughout the night.  damn dude. 

also, Aaron Rodgers was there.  we went to a concert with Aaron Rodgers.  suck it.

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