Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 - closed.

hi world!  how the heck are ya?!  have you noticed that 2013 is over?  i have.  boy, was 2013 a bit of a bitch, thank gosh she left.  she really over stayed her welcome.  although, now that i think of it, she wasn't all bad but still pretty sucky.

how did you ring in 2014?  i was supposed to put on a fabulous party dress and go to a fabulous party in fabulous Milwaukee but then it fabulously snowed like a mother.  instead, i went to a less than fabulous party in a friend's basement with lots of girls crying over stupid boys and underage drinking.  at least i got a kiss at midnight, the little things. 

i did eventually make it to fabulous Milwaukee to see my dear friend Elaine.  we took in the sights and pepsi-cola of the Milwaukee Art Museum.  gawd that place is so amazing.  we saw the Thomas Sully exhibit which was lovely.  the dude rocked at portraits and boy do i have a soft spot for portraits.  i want to fill my non-existend house with them. especially his.

in a perfect world i will get married right where those girls are standing.  all that marble, all that light…it's just like a dream.

stay warm folks, it's a toasty -12 degrees here in Alaska…i mean Wisconsin.  same thing right?

and how about dem packers eh?  

i'm going to shut up now.

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