Tuesday, October 21, 2014

mr. az

remember when i said to expect more concert posts?  i was dead serious. jason mraz graced us with his presence in milwaukee last friday and i loved every minute of it. 

first we wandered to conejito's place for dinner down on virginia street in MKE for enchiladas.  this place is a dream!  i want to go back tomorrow.  it was so delicious plus your food is served on paper plates.  that is a sure sign of great food. 

then, we were off to our usual stomping grounds, the riverside theater for jason.  he had a band named raining jane opening/backing him all night.  they were the most talented group of ladies i've ever seen.  they all played multiple instruments, sang beautifully and generally kicked ass.  at one point the bass player brought out a sinter.  i mean really!  you go girl, get down wit yo bad self.

on the right you can see sintar lady.  so cool.

and of course, jason's voice was like butter.  he is so obviously talented in every way.  why am i not his BFF?  i mean really.  
i give him ten stars out of five.  go see him!

did i mention that this little ray of sunshine is living with the boyfriend and i?  who needs tv when you have a wild kitty for amusement who is a very talented yoga instructor.  

one more concert to go!  we can do it!

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