Tuesday, February 4, 2014

good things

it's tuesday night, the boyfriend is making us venison steaks (like a true wisconsinite) and i have a delicious beer in my hand.  life can be pretty good when you really just think about it.

this time last year i was in the midst of some serious anxiety/depression/deep, dark places.  and now look!  i have a real job with a real (big) paycheck, i have a beer in my hand and i have the support that i need to keep chugging along.

the general vibe in my mind is…content.  things could be better in my life but things could be so much worse.  i'm thankful of the strides that i've made in the last year toward better mental health and becoming more aware of my feelings.  i used to be very superficial, i had no feelings.  i didn't care about anything.  now, i take the time each moment to reflect on the last and decide how i feel/felt/will feel.

but oi, those feelings are complicated.  but, they are so complicated in a good way.  i want to feel all the feelings and not just be a neutral blob in the world.  what's the fun in that?  answer: no fun.

aaaaaaand meow.

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