Tuesday, December 3, 2013

garbage day

all freaking day long i've felt like a giant, cranky, smelly pile of garbage.  after many hours of rotting within myself, i sat down and pondered "what the hell is up with today?"  here's what i discovered:
#1 i slept like poop

#2 i just recently (less than 36 hours ago) developed an absolutely disgusting cold which will probably last for at least another week.  so yippee for me, i'm a lucky, lucky gal.  

#3 it's dark and foggy/rainy today but mostly dark.  we really need to petition to stop this whole day-light-savings nonsense, NO MORE FALLING BACK A HOUR!  here in wisconsin, it could not get any darker/sadder and yet today it did.  this fog/rain is gross and it has been nighttime dark all day.  mother nature is just asking all of us to just drown in our seasonal-affective disorders.  instead of handing out suckers and dog treats at the bank it needs to be vitamin D supplements and sun lamps.

#4 the boyfriend and i finally insulated our windows.  you know, that fun thing you do with plastic and a hair dryer…it's not that fun.  more depressing than anything.  all of this nonsense means it's most likely winter time.  winter time means snow.  snow means cold.  cold means hiding inside.  hiding inside means serious cabin fever.  

on the upside, it's 40 degrees out.  i also wasted 35 dollars on smelly candles and new slippers at walmart.

how do you get over the winter blues?
and if you live in florida or hawaii, don't you dare share how nice and sunny/warm it is there!  i don't want to hear it!

P.S. i'm a little sassy (as if you couldn't tell)

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