Monday, December 2, 2013

a whole new world

yes, it's true, i'm back in action.  i know i always say that but i think it's really happening this time.

it has been seven months since my last post and i feel like an entirely new lady.  a lot has happened and it all feels strange.

some of you may recall my intense struggle with nursing school and i'm proud to say that i made it to the other side.  that graduation tune played for me!  i almost cried right there in the middle of the ceremony; an incredibly large weight lifted off of me and it was the most amazing moment.  now fast forward to august, i took the dreaded state board exam for nursing and made that thing my bitch!

after an intense job hunt i finally settled on a part-time position at burlington memorial hospital.  i'm not overly pleased but you can't be picky when no one else wants to hire you.  (i applied for close to 35 jobs, burlington was my back up plan.  it's brutal out there in the real world!)

you may notice that all past posts have been deleted, i did it on purpose.  those old posts were whiny and annoying plus i didn't much like the person i was back then.  so here is to starting fresh, new beginning and all that jazzercise.

P.S. you can find me on instagram but be warned that i mostly post cat pictures @karleighr
P.P.S i'm also on twitter every once in a blue moon @karleigholson

P.P.P.S i forgot i'm on pinterest too.  @karleigh olson

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