Sunday, February 2, 2014

we went to a party

a few weekends ago the boyfriend and i went to our first engagement party.  yes, the first one ever. these types of events always bring questions to my simple mind: what should we wear? do you have to bring a gift or maybe just a card?  is there going to be food?  will there be booze? should i bring my flask?  do i have to be on-time or can i be fashionably late?

once the boyfriend and i arrived it was very warm and fuzzy, lots of hugging.  there was food and drinks, thank goodness.  AND CAKE!  i think i'm going to like engagement parties.  

it twas my dear friend emily who is now betrothed to a fella from racine.  emily was my very first roommate all those years ago when i began college (hello old age!).  i'm so freaking happy for her and her new beau.  he seems like a swell guy.  i'm so pumped for their wedding next year (it's going to be open bar!).  

you know how you and your friends always bet on how long a marriage is going to last?  do you guys do that or is my group of friends just heartless?  anyway, i give them a solid 800 years with at least 20 kids.  they're going to be just fine.

can't have a blog post without a cat pic.

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