Saturday, December 28, 2013

captain pabst

yesterday my mother and i made the pilgrimage to milwaukee to tour the gorgeous pabst mansion.  isn't it so pretty?!  we were thoroughly impressed by it.

captain frederick pabst is known for his brewing company (hello, pbr!).  in 1864 mr. pabst bought a half interest in his father-in-laws brewing company and would eventually inherit the remaining half, forming the pabst brewing company.  between 1890 and 1892 mr. pabst and his wife built their charming mansion on what was then grand avenue.  the cost to build this mansion? $250,000.

sadly, no photos are allowed inside which is a rule i love to break.  here is the formal dining room.  oh hot damn, look at that fireplace.  

for comparison, here is the servant's dining room.  it had a really pretty stone sink to the left side which i couldn't get a picture of because rules suck.  totally charming, love those tiles.

here is mrs. pabst's private sitting room.  again with the amazing fireplace.  we counted 10 fireplaces which were all totally unnecessary because they had central heat.  
also, my mom must have been trying to tell me that people were coming. she looks a little scared.

how adorable are these sinks!? someone put them in my house.

back in the day there were about 10 mansions on grand avenue, all are gone except for the pabst mansion.  mr. and mrs. pabst only lived here for about twenty years before they both died, it was then sold to the archdiocese until the 1970's when it was bought and opened for tours.  

five stars, well done mr. pabst

p.s. i love your beer.

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