Wednesday, March 19, 2014

our night with david garrett

david garrett?  who is david garrett, you may ask.  well, youtube that shit because david garrett is a genuine BAMF.  but i don't want to get ahead of myself.  our thursday evening with david garrett began with the traditional green beer at mo's irish pub in milwaukee as illustrated above by the boyfriend.  side note: mo's irish pub has THE BEST grilled cheese and tomato soup.  also get the reuben shalaylee.  don't ask, just order it.

next stop, the riverside theater where david garrett amazed my ears with his magic violin.  my eyes were also mesmerized by his gorgeous hair.  i have never in my life wanted a man to put his hair down so badly. like in those shampoo commercials where the women let their hair out of a ponytail in slow motion and then flap it all around. such a strange desire but, i wasn't alone in this feeling either!  all the ladies in the restroom agreed with me.

david played a mixture of popular songs like smooth criminal and a little metallica along with work by beethoven and chopin.  he threw a few of his own original works in which were awesome.  it is a little known fact that i was once an orchestra nerd with hopes of becoming a professional viola player.  oh the fantasies! david and i would have been orchestra besties if you know what i mean.  we could have braided each other's hair or something.

overall, it was a lovely night.  

on another side note: doesn't the lady of the boyfriend's shoulder look like one of the goblins from harry potter?  like she got the night off from gringott's to see a show in the muggle world.  BECAUSE HARRY POTTER IS REAL! 

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