Thursday, February 13, 2014

winter in wisconsin

winter in wisconsin, and especially this year, always brings us more snow/cold than i care to acknowledge.  

i've heard that there is a giant snow storm covering 1/3 of the US.  being a wisonsinite, i have mastered the "i'm trapped in my house because it sucks outside" situation.  here are some very helpful tips for when mother nature decides to be a big 'ol bitch…again.

stay warm folks!  invest in some warm liquids: tea, coffee, spiked hot chocolate (hello, jack daniels).  keep your toes warm with some slippers and really good snow boots because nothing will ruin your day more than freezing toes.  stay inside unless you're one of those adventurous types.  but seriously, stay inside.

delicious snacks are necessary, bake something warm and yummy.  pull out that giant pile of books that you've been meaning to read because you suddenly have loads of time.  this also applies to netflix/hulu.  finally, don't forget the booze.  i mean really, you're trapped in your house so why not indulge in a few beverages.  

good luck to everyone, only 10 years until spring.

did i mention that booze helps.  it really does. 

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