Wednesday, February 19, 2014

be my valentine's day

how do i manage to always be a week behind on these things?  i think i'm all up-to-date and then boom! it's a week later and i still haven't posted a freaking thing.  blawwwging is hard.

anywhoooo, the boyfriend and i had a lovely valentine's day.  we had dinner at Sprecher's in lake geneva. they have amazing, germany type foods and yummy brandy old-fashions.  afterward we took a freezing walk around this little park where they host an annual snow sculpture competition.  there are about a dozen sculptures on display and they are all awesome.  i want to touch them so bad, how do they make the snow stay like that?  

we were so surprised to see that vinny's face was used as the model for this one!  very accurate and look at that beard!

i hope your v-day was full of love!

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