Tuesday, February 11, 2014

to my man friend, vinny

on this day which is awkwardly smack in between our anniversary and valentine's day, i would like to write some mushy lovey dovey words about you.  is that ok?  ok, good.

this is an old photo, he has a fabulous beard now.
the man friend and i have been blissfully in love for six years and a few weeks.  our anniversary was a few weeks ago at the very tail end of janurary and now we are fast approaching valentine's day.  in fact, we have a hot date tonight!

vinny, my dear man friend, you are sweet and kind.  you make me laugh like a crazy person and cry with happiness.  like last night when you said very nice things about me.  i hid it well but you  made my eyes leak happy tears.  and that is EXACTLY what i love about you!  you make me laugh all day while you poke fun at the olympic's commentators and then you make me feel like the luckiest girl with your sweet words.

so thank you for being you.  thank you for being with a girl like me.  let's keep this thing going.

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