Monday, December 9, 2013

Jakers and other ramblings

our poor little Jakers is feeling under the weather.

his real name is Jakob but since his move to our house i've begun calling him Jakers because it's funny. you have to say it in a high-pitched singsongy type of way, Jaaaakerrrssssss!  he really perks up when you say it like that which in my mind means that he likes it.

anyway, he is suffering like most old men (Jakers is 70) from an enlarged prostate.  so this coming Tuesday is D-day or should i say N-day?  Neuter time!  he's on a variety of medications and we get to chase him around the backyard to get a poo sample.  and by we i mean my poor father who loves Jakers way more than the rest of us.

you see, Jakers has poor manners.  he jumps on the couch, stands on the couch, eats my underwear, barks at everything, eats the boyfriend's socks on the regular, violates our other dog Lilly (she is 91) and generally pees on things that should not be peed on.  but against all the odds, my dadio loves his little Jakers.   if my good 'ol father heads outside to take out the trash or whatever, Jakers will stand by the door crying his little eyes out until the pops returns. it's just a bizarre, they have an unhealthy kind of attachment.

on a side note, it's monday.  am i supposed to hate mondays? that seems to be what the internet is telling me.  i guess it's different when your monday doesn't start until 6:45 tonight.  which brings me to my next point, i have my first real day of work today.  MY FIRST DAY!  i'm excited but also terrified.  i'm beginning to realize that i may have survived all that time in nursing school but tonight is when i will actually learn to be a nurse.  day one.  square one.  why did i pick such a stressful profession.

see you on the other side, also known as tuesday.

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